It took me forever and a half, but I’ve finally gotten prints of all 12 of the current ‘Yzma is Best Princess’ series up in my etsy store.  Along with the original paintings, for the hard-core collectors out there :)

Please check them out or maybe even help spread the word.  Thank you!

*please do not remove the text/source from my posts.  Thank you very much for respecting my work!

Karen Hallion

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When we come together to , we can help create a safer world for men and women, boys and girls.  (x)

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The only couple needed in Brave.

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Make Me Choose: Queen of Hearts or The Evil Queen


Typical racist rhetoric:

The “oh, but you’re not like the rest of them” line.

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Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs / (1937)


Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs / (1937)

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Top 10 Disney Males (as voted by my followers)

4. Prince Naveen

I’m not really used to doing this. I mean, most of the time I had servants do everything for me: dress my clothes, brush my teeth, even help me get out of bed!

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